Same Day Delivery in Makati and BGC



  1. Go to
  2. Choose a bag you like then click ‘Add To Cart’
  3. Fill up the simple ‘Pay & Ship’ order form
  4. Choose a payment option
  5. Deposit full payment (Paypal, bank transfer payments, AsiaPay, check payment)
  6. If paying via bank transfer, email scanned copy of deposit slip to
  7. Wait for your bag!

  1. Our in-house authenticator has been trained with the proper knowledge and skills to determine if a bag is truly authentic and if it is still in a very good condition to be sold.
  2. All representatives of authentication applicable for the given bag such as logos, patterns, stitching, handles, color, hardware, lining, overall shape, quilting, serial sticker, serial number and authenticating card, etc. will be checked.
  3. Different bags will have different standards and modes of authentication all of which will be applied accordingly

Yes! We will make sure that all photos you see reflect the actual bag being sold. Our website will only show photos of bags that were sent to us and shot by our in-house photographers. What you see is what you get.

Reloved offers a variety of payment options for your convenience (Paypal, BDO bank transfer, AsiaPay, and Visa and MasterCard for Globe charge)

  • LBC

Well… Yes you do!

  • LBC: Shipping fee starts at PHP 300 nationwide. International shipping fee may vary.
  • Yes! Your bags are insured throughout the entire process, not just during transit.

    • LBC: For every package above PHP 10,000 the value of the item is declared for which LBC will pay the corresponding full amount in case of loss.
    • We do have a return & exchange policy, but only given the following circumstances. Upon receipt of delivery, you are given 3 days to notify Reloved of the delivery of a wrong item or the presence of any damage not specified or shown. We will then pick up the bag and shoulder all costs, that is considering the authentication tag (security tag) is still intact. If not notified within 3 days upon the receipt of bag, it is considered sold and is non-refundable.

      • You are given 3 days to notify Reloved of any concern regarding authenticity and/or refund. Should you wish to appeal for a refund, please send us an email at If your claim is acceptable and proven, Reloved will grant you a 100% money-back guarantee for your purchase.
      • Although scheduling an appointment does not immediately confirm a purchase, any purchase made from an appointment does not qualify the bag for a refund.
      • In case of refund, we will pick up the bag and shoulder all shipping expenses.

      Within the next 3-7 business days after purchase has been made.

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