Why a tote would be the perfect everyday bag

Why a tote would be the perfect everyday bag

Posted on July 25 2016



Because of its size, you can store your laptop, your notebook, and add in your gym clothes to make the most out of your day. It’s also perfect for heading to work during the day and a night out with your friends! Impress your co-workers with this Nancy Gonzales Crocodile Large Plisse Tote.


With the amount of things you need to carry on a daily basis, your tote bag would definitely pass the weight test! Expect your tote bag to last years before it finally gives up on you. With the proper care, it might even last you longer than expected! This Gucci Craft Medium Tote is a perfect example of form and function.


Have you always thought of which bag to use every morning? Don’t fret, a tote bag can easily become your grab-and-go accessory so that you have one less thing to worry about in the morning. This Yves Saint Laurent Tote can easily become your everyday bag.


Whether you want to be low-key or all-out with your outfit, matching it with a tote bag should be easy. There’s always that classy feel whenever you have a tote on regardless of what you’re wearing. Take this Chanel Grand Shopping Tote as an example.

Easy on the pocket

If you’re considering to buy your first luxury bag, owning a tote bag is a good start. Comparing the cost with the benefits, it’s definitely worth an investment granting how often you’ll use it and the amount of things it can do. This Lancaster IKON Tote would be a great start!