Why You Should Choose Leather

Why You Should Choose Leather

Posted on September 15 2017

Leather is a great material that is top notch when protecting the human body and other various goods; it’s comfortable and long lasting. There are three things about leather that makes it a cut above the rest that everyone recognizes, durability, customization, and ventilation.

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Leather is incredibly strong and stays together for an unbelievable amount of time. A bag is a partner that’s with you almost 24/7. It should be able to handle all the items that you put inside of it, be able to resist and defend these belongings from the weather, and look put together and fitting for your personal style and occasion.

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Leather is versatile, and is able to be shaped, molded, stamped, and dyed to make it exactly how you want it. It’s a material that has endless possibilities in the making.

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A common misconception about leather is that it doesn’t breathe, well it does and it is actually quite comfortable to wear. This is especially important in the shoe and glove industries. Nobody wants stinky, sweaty hands and feet.

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Everything that ages beautifully with time is worth taking good care off and leather is not an exception of that. With it’s durability being one of the reasons why it’s a dream material to work with. So instead of wearing out with time, it get's prettier with time.

There is also sort of a natural beauty that comes with full grain leather. Other leather types buff or sand imperfections out of the leather to make it look “perfect”, but anyone who is familiar with nature(or anyone who has looked in the mirror) knows that beauty and perfection are not synonymous.

The “imperfections” in the leather, the branding marks, the wrinkles, the scars, etc. give the leather a unique look that tells a story. It is going to have quirks, but just like with human beings, those quirks are what make it strong and interesting.

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Don’t you just hate it when someone has the same type of bag that you have, well now you know that no one will have the same exact type of leather that you have because it’s a material that tells the owners story.

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