The Best Of The Reloved Twillies

The Best Of The Reloved Twillies

Posted on October 09 2017

Everyone knows the colorfully vibrant cloths that come in various designs and styles that fit almost any personality out there-it’s the twillies that are an accessory to any bag. However, if you combine these cute accessories with one of the world’s most luxurious bag brands, the opportunities to upsize your style is huge. Here are some ideas to inspire you to make use of your twillies in different ways and  to coordinate with these timeless bags.

Hermés Birkin 30cm Ghilies GHW

It’s a classic that can’t be beat no matter what day and age it is, the Birkin bag is compact and every woman’s dream bag that encompasses design and functionality. Any twilly can easily switch up the vibe and feel of this bag with just a few knots and twists.

Scarf for all seasons

Who says twillies are just for bags? Add a piece de resistance to your outfit by draping a scarf around your neck using your favorite twilly. Casually tie it loose of tight in a knot and style it with a basic outfit and you are good to go to take that OOTD selfie.

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Louis Vuitton Epi Alma

With a history of a professional luxury luggage maker Louis Vuitton has their reputation cut out for them. This classic bag features an inner open pocket that can hold your important necessities, jazz this classic piece with any twilly from reloved’s collection.

Style for all wrist bands

No need to spend money on wristbands when you can make one on your own in seconds using twillies, and best of all you can have as many styles as you want. Alternate between tying it around your wrist and putting in back to grace your bag whenever you want.

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Yves Saint Laurent Sac de jour mini

This crossbody bag features a gorgeous interior that matches it’s equally admirable pink exterior that will catch anyone’s eye from a mile away. Add a contrast with your twilly to glam it up even more and enjoy the spacious compartments that comes inside this bag.

Glam hatter

Not just for bags but it's also functional for dressing up any old hat that you want to use. Add a pop of color and spark some new life into almost anything that you can drape, tie, and accessorize with a twilly and have fun letting your creativity shine in the pieces that you wear.

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