Posted on January 12 2018

by Gretzel H. Lantican


Victoria Beckham is the epitome of a successful woman and a bag lover at the same time, for nothing is more beautiful than her collection of Birkins. Fascinatingly, she’s been able to match her set of designer bags to her careers.

Clearly, the iconic Victoria has an eye for fashion. Her enchanting collection of Ostrich leather to Kelly Birkins is impressive. She has at most 100 kinds of Birkin bags in her closet, and some of them even have variations of styles and colors.

Walking through the collection

Inside her closet is a Hermes collection worth  £1.5 million. It’s something to be envied by bag lovers, because Victoria has almost every kind of Birkin to carry in every occasion.

You may opt to steal the icon's set for an affordable price, so stop frowning, ladies. You can be a Bag Goddess like Victoria on

Here are some of the Birkins that you can take with you.

Series of black

Timeless designer bags are ideal for any occasion, especially if you’re an ultimate socialite like Victoria. Her favored Black Birkins are of two kinds, her best-loved soft-grained, and the popular glossy textured Box Calf Leather.

You can channel her black Birkins finds by looking at Reloved’s Hermes B32 Black. This designer bag is similar to Victoria’s favorite Birkin. If black isn’t your color, then you can choose among rose tea, iris, cylamen, brown, and ice blue Birkins as well.

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Hermes B32 Black 

Versions of Ostrich Birkins

While some celebrities eye neutral colors, our Bag Goddess opts for bold hues of purple, pink, and tan. She usually carries an Ostrich Birkin bag which allows her to look glamorous while being a full-time mom with her lovely children.

If you also want to look fancy while on mom duty, the Ostrich Chestnut Birkin is perfect for you. You can partner this designer bag with your clothes, shoes or accessories as you aim for color-coordinated style.

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Ostrich Chestnut Birkin

Choice of Bold Hues

Evidently, Victoria is fond of bold colors, starting from her series of Purple to Red Kelly bags. It’s her usual accessory when wearing playful patterns and color-coordinated outfits.

If you’re opting for a stylish look, then Reloved’s Hermes Jypsiere is a cheaper alternative than Victoria’s favored Birkin. It’s perfect for your perky designed outfits, and it's available in colors Brown and Flamingo on Reloved.

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Hermes Jypsiere 

Shades of Innocence

Among our Bag Goddess’ collection, Victoria has the most expensive Hermes, the Himalaya Birkin. It was auctioned for $300,000 at a Christie’s in Hong Kong in 2014. She always uses this bag when she’s in the mood for something edgy, like wearing a modified trench coat for the  trendy boss getup.

She commonly uses her other white Birkin on casual days. Since the color is perfect with any style, she matches it with laid-back as well as semi-formal outfits.

Reloved may not have Victoria’s white colored Birkins, but it has an Ice Blue Birkin, a much cheaper version and an ideal match for your mode of fashion everyday.

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 Ice Blue Birkin

With Victoria’s collection amounting to  £1.5 million, there’s no doubt she’s a Bag Goddess. There’s no doubt she made a better investment in collecting Birkins than gold, because Birkins increase more in value as time goes by. She’s truly a career woman’s embodiment of fashion and success as she paved way to match her collection of Birkins based on her personality.


Photo credits: Purseblog and Pinterest