The Ultimate Guide to Your First Louis Vuitton

The Ultimate Guide to Your First Louis Vuitton

Posted on January 24 2018

by Gretzel H. Lantican


Owning a designer bag is a dream come true. It may be pricey, but it’s more than an accessory. It’s the best thing you can carry with pride and status.

When hard work and dedication have finally paid off, it’s the right time to decide which designer bag you’re going to buy. It’s alright to be keen to your first luxury bag, because you deserve nothing but the best statement accessory.

Louis Vuitton is an ideal luxury bag, the staple accessory for first time buyers.There’s nothing more you can ask for. It’s the safest, most recommended, and most affordable designer bag produced.

Styles of LV Bags

Upon getting your first Louis Vuitton bag, you have the following types to choose from:

Essential Tote

If you’re always living in a hustle, the LV tote will do you a huge favor. This carry-on bag is ideal for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Nicki Minaj carrying a Louis Vuitton Bellevue Vernis GM

Satchel Style

Opting for an over-the-shoulder bag lets you accentuate your outfit while still looking fab . This purse is the perfect game changer because it’s a two-way fashion accessory. It has a removable strap that allows you to  change it from satchel to shoulder bag depending on your style of the day.

Strutting a Louis Vuitton Multi White Rita

Worthy Speedy

The ideal accessory to a more vogue statement is a Speedy bag. It’s the common choice when women think of luxury with affordability and quality. Its large compartment makes it ideal for your business trips and out of town escapades, too.

Jennifer Love Hewitt happy with her Louis Vuitton Mono Canvas Speedy 30


Classic Choices

LV’s selection of bags make it difficult to decide, so choose a design that works with your style.

Selection of Louis Vuitton bags

The LV Damier is best to define your professional look. On the other hand, the Denim Speedy is recommended for a more casual style. Choose among LV’s vivid colors in black and red Vernis to complement your bold outfits, or get LV’s Multicolor bags to channel the fancy and chic woman in you. No matter the choice, know that LV’s got your back in terms of quality and style.

Louis Vuitton is a great option for a designer bag. Getting one is a serious business, because this is not just a typical accessory. It’s a luxury statement made to establish your status and accentuate your style.


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