5 Luxury Bags Every Strong Independent Woman Should Have This Holiday Season

5 Luxury Bags Every Strong Independent Woman Should Have This Holiday Season

Posted on December 01 2017

by Gretzel H. Lantican


Still haven’t found someone to kiss under the mistletoe? I know you’re a strong independent woman who stands by her own. You’re a single woman who doesn’t need a plus one in every holiday occasion. What you need is a designer bag to escort you all the way to holiday parties.

SMP, the Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko is just a label that happens to be the group of singles this season. Who cares if you’re one of the members? At least you got a statement bag that you think you deserve (even if he doesn’t deserve you).

Designer bags for YOU

Being single is the name of the game, but it doesn’t mean you’re loveless. Bring love everywhere you go with this Balenciaga Pompon handbag. Parading it anywhere just means you're spreading passion and good energy to people around you.

Balenciaga Pompon Fuschia

As an independent woman in town, you matches perfectly with the Balenciaga City green bag. Its harmonic color symbolizes self-reliance, the perfect title of your relationship status!

Balenciaga City - Green

For a compassionate woman like you, the Balenciaga City Perforated bag is your ideal arm candy. Its deeper shade exhibits that affectionate and feminine side of you.

Balenciaga City Perforated GHW - Pink

Being single teaches you a lot of things like being comfortable with your own company. The feeling is much similar as you walk with the YSL Reversible bag.  Its elite brown design portrays that feeling of security as you use and put your belongings inside it.

Yves Saint Laurent Reversible Tote – Brown

If you’re that type of single woman who wants to keep it with mystery, go with a bag that defines you best like the YSL Downtown. The designer bag’s style shows nothing but being a sophisticated and confident bachelorette in you.

Yves Saint Laurent Downtown MM - Black

The feeling of having a designer bag is similar to the feeling of being loved by someone. Show that strong and independent side of you with our YSL and Balenciaga bags, and say no more lonely holidays with our statement bags.