The Luxury Bag Lifecycle

The Luxury Bag Lifecycle

Posted on September 17 2015


Luxury, exclusivity, vanity, status, and competition – these are just a few reasons why a number of people are willing to spend a fortune on a handbag. Many people buy luxury goods as a way to reward themselves for working hard, saving up, getting promoted or celebrating a milestone. Some simply prefer the look and feel of high-end quality materials over the lesser known brands. These are common motives that give rise to the substantial market for luxury bags. The luxury bag market may come off as trivial to some, but is this really all that there is to buying a luxury bag? What if we tell you that luxury bags can actually do the world some good? Although owning a luxury bag may be unrealistic for many, this wise investment can help our environment more than we realize.


So how does buying a luxury bag help the environment? Buying luxury bags promotes sustainable consumption – the efficient use of resources, by upcycling and reducing waste. Thus, we would like to introduce to you the Luxury Bag Life Cycle!


The cycle starts with…


1. Authentic Luxury Bags. Buying authentic luxury bags enables you to empower brands by buying only what is genuine. Yes, the price is high compared to buying any other bag, but with a high cost comes a quality product.


2. Long Lifecycle. You definitely paid a lot, but rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth by owning something you can use for a long time. Unlike cheap bags, which end up being used for only a few months until you realize the leather starts to crack or the zipper is broken, etc., authentic ones will stay in pristine condition for many years.


3. Renewed Value. Now that you know luxury bags will stay with you for a long period of time, what happens if you get tired of your bag? Hold on! Don’t just throw it away or leave it to gather dust in your closet. For others, your bag still has a whole lot of value.


4. New Owner. Why not sell your bag to someone who is dreaming of owning it! You may get tired of your bag, but surely there are people out there who would still appreciate your bag’s value.


After the 4th point, the cycle repeats itself. So instead of frequently buying a low quality bag that ends up using of more of the world’s resources and materials, go for a high quality authentic luxury bag that will not only serve you for a long time, but will also help our environment! Still don’t believe in buying luxury bags? Think again! 

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