The Louis Vuitton 2017 Price Guide

The Louis Vuitton 2017 Price Guide

Posted on December 29 2016

The Louis Vuitton 2017 Price Guide

LV is a luxury brand known to the world. Their bags are known for flawless craftsmanship and charm, with dozens of styles to choose from. Nevertheless, out of all these styles there is a list of iconic LV’s that have stood the test of time based on popularity.

We know not everyone can get to the mall to check out prices, thus we thought of creating this quick price guide for the Top 20 Louis Vuitton Bags based on Style and Condition to make things a bit easier for you. 

1. Louis Vuitton Neverfull ₱78,000.00

A spiced up version of this classic, The Limited Edition Palm Springs Sugar Pink Poppy, the Neverfull has become one of the bestselling, most-sought-after bags for its beautiful design and simplicity, a great bag to a carry all year round.


2. Louis Vuitton Mono Canvas Speedy 30 ₱31,250.00

An icon of our time, this beautiful hand carry bag is a must-have accessory, perfect for getting around and bringing all the necessities.


3. Epi Rouge Riviera ₱40,000.00

A perfect design for the modern cosmopolitan woman


4. Louis Vuitton Alma Vernis MM – Black ₱112,500.00

Its artistic domed shape reflects great sophistication and flare, perfect for any situation.


5.Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Delightful MM GHW ₱78,000.00

This bag embodies everyday elegance, perfect for the woman-on-the-go, fashionably chic yet practical.


6. Louis Vuitton Epi Red Soufflot ₱31,250.00

The ideal statement piece evening bag


7. Louis Vuitton Azur Galliera PM ₱50,000.00 

A staple among LV collectors, this sought-after bag has great durability and is a favorite for celebrities like Megan Fox and Hilary Duff; a perfect  bag to take to the office or shopping.


8. Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Bastille ₱50,000.00

A messenger bag perfect for both men and women; with its elegant and sleek design, it’s a great everyday bag for work.


9. Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Broadway ₱43,750.00

The Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Broadway is the ideal workplace companion that's also fit for both men and women. It also fits a 13-inch laptop, with enough room for notebooks and papers.


10. Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Hampstead MM ₱50,000.00

This Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Hampstead MM expands to comfortably fit all your daily gear.


11. Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Tribeca Long ₱25,000.00

This adorable Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Tribeca Long Bag is classy and practical as it boasts a sleek and structured design, with just enough room to carry your girly essentials.


 12. Louis Vuitton Mabillon Brown Epi Backpack ₱35,000.00

Elegant and feminine, this backpack is the perfect accessory for the upcoming holidays.


13. Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolor Priscilla Bag ₱60,000.00

A fun and playful bag with its unique shape and multi-color design, this has always been a favorite among the more daring Louis Vuitton collectors who love its “wow” factor.  


14. Louis Vuitton Multi Black Judy GM ₱93,750.00

Chic, sophisticated, and crafted with vivid colours – another great piece from the Louis Vuitton Creators.


15. Louis Vuitton Multi Black Rita ₱106,250.00

Named after actress Rita Hayworth, this is a great bag suitable for day or night.


16. Louis Vuitton Multi White Claudia ₱94,118.00

Another great piece to add to your LV collection: a spectacular tote that is ideal for everyday use.


17. Louis Vuitton Rodeo Drive Bag – Plum ₱62,603.52

The name Rodeo Drive was inspired by the shopping district in Los Angeles. Its ladylike style makes this an excellent bag for any fashionista.


18. Louis Vuitton Soho Backpack ₱28,750.00

One of the hottest styles that never get out of the LV topper list, it’s known for its great durability and practicality.


19. Louis Vuitton Surya Mahina XL Black ₱40,000.00

With subtle yet stunning feminine style, it's a rare piece that all LV collectors want to get their hands on.


20. Louis Vuitton Saleya PM ₱37,500.00

The Saleya has great style and functionality, a very lady-like handbag that is sure to fit anyone with a demure personality.


These bags are a must have for all you Louis Vuitton collectors. Which one's your fave?

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