The Bag Code to Own Your First Interview

The Bag Code to Own Your First Interview

Posted on February 21 2018

by Gretzel H. Lantican


In any interview, there’s always the need to impress, but make sure it lasts. Dress like you’re already fit to work, while also looking like you’re set to accept the responsibilities of your job. Don’t forget that your workwear is best complemented by a designer bag.

A designer bag is made to maintain an effortlessly stylish look for your big interview day. It strongly shows that you’re ready to embrace the real world.

The Bag Code

However, not all handbags are equipped to fit the corporate society. There’s a bag code designed for you to follow on your first interview. Know which of our best-loved designer bags are essential for the occasion.

1. Bring a large tote with you.

Large totes from Gucci

Canvas, evening, or hobo bags are never office-friendly, so don’t bring them. Get an office-appropriate bag that is a tote. It has enough space to hold your requirements for the interview, without looking too bulky or casual.

Carry this bag, so you don’t have to hold multiple bags with folders and envelopes in them. Just relax with a large signature tote. Let it be your ultimate fashion accessory for the entire day.

2. Get a reversible carry-on.

A reversible YSL handbag

Your first interview is the beginning of many things. Try to impress again the next time you’re called for the final interview. Take a reversible carry-on with you, so you won’t look like you’re bringing the same bag you had on the first interview.

3. Always have a classic handbag.

The classic Chanel

You know how nervous you get before the interview, so prevent it from happening. Get yourself an understated handbag, because it feels good to own one. It’s the classic accessory made for every profession like yours to be confident.

4. Avoid glamorous purses.

Neutral colored Balenciaga handbags

You may dress to impress, but this sentiment doesn’t apply to handbags. Flashy bags are never a trend in the corporate world. Your dazzling carry-on has no room in it, so save it for happy hour.

Keep it simple. Complement your office attire by choosing neutral colors like beige, black, brown, and navy blue handbags.

5. Designate a handbag for interviews only.

If you can keep a secret, you can surely also keep a bag for your interviews. Think of it as a handbag where you can stock copies of your resume, job application requirements, pens, and notepads.

For First Time Interviewees

Have fun with the interview. Don’t forget to be yourself, but make sure to live by the words of Reloved’s Bag Code. Our Bag Code is the key to ace your interview and make your way through the door into getting that job. You go girl!