Style Tip: How To Style A Clutch Like A Celebrity

Style Tip: How To Style A Clutch Like A Celebrity

Posted on August 31 2017

It takes more than just effort to look as good as the world’s most photographed women, their style and how they project it is a source of envy for everyone else. A bag is an instrument that can take your OOTD game to a whole new level, learn how to style your all time favorite clutch bag like a bonafide celebrity A-lister.

Sophisticated Flared Out Office Chick

Dressing for success is more than just pairing plain old black form fitting ensembles for that professional classic look. Don’t be afraid to add a colorful accent to accentuate your vibrant personality and pair it with a structured piece like a jacket to complete the outfit.

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 Girls Night On The Town

Time to let loose and go out with your best gal pals with your best look of the night to get the party started. For those who want to go for a subtle yet alluringly sexy look go for a metallic clutch paired with a fitting jumpsuit that shows off your curves. You could also mix and match an off shoulder top with a flared out skirt, experiment and go happy go lucky wild in finding the outfit combination that matches your mood for the night.

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Runway Ready For Anything

A clutch comes in many designs and all with different variations, it doesn’t have to be obvious that it’s a bag for it to look good and compliment an outfit. Something in plain sight that isn’t what it seems is an interesting accessory to have every once in awhile to add a pop of surprise and mystery to your OOTD. Grab a simple clutch and pair it with a cape dress or jacket with a skirt or bottom of the same color to create a stunning sophisticated ensemble that you can pair with heels or flats anywhere you go.

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 Casual Anywhere On The Go

Keep it clean and minimalist with a clutch bag on the side with your go to casual outfit of jeans and a loose comfy top for that everyday girl next door look. Go with a bright and vibrant colored clutch to pull together your look, an added touch of color and an eye catching pattern never hurt anyone.


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Bold in Proportion

Sometimes it’s easy to get intimidated by dark colors and fiercely striking patterns, people are prone to go over the top so much that the outfit ends up being seen as tacky or trying too hard to impress. However, when done right by matching your aesthetics carefully you’ll be able to achieve a bold outfit statement that speaks volumes all on its own. Pick a large attention grabbing clutch and bring out your inner femme fatale.

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