Smart and Simple Bag Care Tips

Smart and Simple Bag Care Tips

Posted on September 30 2015


When it comes to being a responsible consumer, people think of two things: cost efficiency and waste management. People tend to focus on the beginning and the end, forgetting about everything in between. Responsible consumerism also means taking care of the products you buy while you use them. Proper care extends your purchase’s usefulness, meaning you won’t need to buy more to replace it as soon or as often. This is especially important for pricier purchases like designer bags.


Luxury designer bags are a huge splurge, but they also serve practical purposes. Designer bags are priced as high as they are because they’re made from high quality materials that will serve you for years if you care for them properly. Many designer bags are made from different kinds of treated leather, because it is a sturdy, long lasting material. Although leather will retain its sturdiness fairly well, it is prone to aesthetic damage such as discoloration, scuffing, and mold.


To keep your bags looking great for longer, store them in a dry place away from direct sunlight. It’s best to put them in a dust bag when not in use to avoid moisture build up, mildew damage, sun spots, and scratches from rubbing against any neighboring bags. For added protection, especially if you tend to use your leatherwear often, you may also coat them with waterproofing and color-preserving products. Collonil is a great brand from Germany that has different protective sprays and balms not only for leathers, but for textile products as well. These substances are designed to protect your things from regular wear and tear, as well as outside chemicals that could possibly harm your bags. They should be applied regularly, depending on the schedule usually dictated by the brand to keep your luxury leather goods looking brand new.


Storage is important for taking care of your bags. Storing several bags cramped together in a tight space will lead to deformation. To retain your bag’s original shape, empty all the pockets, undo the buckles, and stuff them with a soft pillow about the same size as your bag. Store each bag with ample space so that others aren’t disturbed when you take one out. For the especially careful bag owner, you can find customized stuffers and shelving systems for your bag. Homegrown brand Poppy offers a wide range of bag stuffers molded perfectly to the shape of some of the most popular designer bags with moisture and odour control already built in. They also have an adjustable shelving system that adjusts to the size of each of your bags. 


A designer bag, whether brand new or Reloved, is an investment, and a woman’s way of rewarding herself. Even pre-owned luxury bags will last for years to come with the proper care. Give your prized possession the award-winning care it deserves so that it continues to give you the utility and luxury you deserve.