Remembering the Iconic NYC Designer, Kate Spade

Remembering the Iconic NYC Designer, Kate Spade

Posted on June 19 2018

by Gretzel Lantican

New York City’s iconic fashion designer, Kate Spade, recently died at the age of 55. Her passing left a void in everyone’s heart, but her one-of-a-kind whimsical charm will always be remembered.

The public will never forget the first time she introduced the signature bags to the world. She brought the kind of finesse and sophistication similar to Holly Golightly’s character to the fashion industry.

The History

Spade’s story in fashion began in 1993, when she was a former Accessories Editor at Mademoiselle magazine. Inspired by her job, she took the opportunity to set out a design for an ideal handbag which she really wanted for herself. She brought her creativity by producing sleek, versatile, and colorful silhouette bags.

Three years after Kate Spade New York was born, Spade opened her first shop, showcasing a fresh and modern collection of designer bags. These pieces were new to people, yet many fashion enthusiasts adored them immediately.

Today, the designer label has grown into a global lifestyle brand, but it still has the same dream, which is to inspire ladies to live a colorful life through handbags (and other accessories).  

My First Kate Spade

Every woman agrees with one thing: “With Kate Spade,  they will leave a little sparkle wherever they go”. Indeed, it was love at first sight for those who had their first designer purse be a Kate Spade. As a tribute, many of these women posted their first Kate Spade bag story on social media:

It was my dream bag for my fancy writing job in NYC”, Julia Carpenter cries.

Jonquilyn Hill couldn’t have been any prouder of her first Kate Spade satchel, which she saw as more of an investment bag than the others she carried.

Aside from style, the designer bag has brought joy, color, and friendship into Jack Monroe’s life. For every Kate Spade bag she purchased, she gained lots of friendly conversation with strangers and friends as well.

Nothing could ever knock off a bag that’s as classy and sophisticated as my Kate Spade,” says Rebecca Keegan.

“This is the bag that made women smile and feel beautiful about themselves”, Tracy Russo added.

Gone Too Soon

Kate Spade is another icon we’ve lost this year. She may have gone too soon, but her legacy lives on. She will never be forgotten, especially with the impact and contribution she has made in the world of fashion.

The success she had with Kate Spade New York is a truly inspiring story. She was a whimsical soul who wanted to stand out by producing handbags that weren’t in the market yet. Clearly, it was Spade’s hardwork and dedication that made these bags some of the most coveted designer purses in the world.

We remember her today and always as an icon in the fashion and luxury bags industry, and hold her beloved designs close to our hearts.