Reloved’s Pronunciation 101: Be Fluent in Luxury Brands

Reloved’s Pronunciation 101: Be Fluent in Luxury Brands

Posted on March 14 2018

by Gretzel H. Lantican


Have you been to a party where people looked closely at your newly bought designer bag? It’s amusing until they ask about its brand. It’s a dead-end question, taking a toll the moment you hear it.

The Proper Way

You know the name but you can’t say it right. You’re too afraid to mispronounce the answer. Get it right the next time you respond. Learn the language of luxury because that’s as fabulous as it can get.

Balenciaga (bahl-en-see-AH-gah)

That brand new Balenciaga handbag made you the star of the night, so don’t ruin it with mispronunciation. Say Balenciaga with great emphasis on the fourth syllable.

Audio version:

Bottega Veneta (boh-TEH-gah VEHN-eh-tah)

Rev up the Italian way when saying Bottega Veneta. Just make sure you speak the latter word in Allegro mode, which means fast.

Audio version:

Givenchy (Zhee-Vhan-she)

Sound like a French woman when you encounter the posh Givenchy.

Audio version:

Louis Vuitton (LOO-ee Vwee - Tahn)

Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s most recognized labels, so make room for no mistakes by saying the first word with a silent ‘S’.

 Audio version:

Hermes (AIR-mez)

When you encounter Hermes, make sure to say it right. The celebrity best-loved tote should be spoken with a silent ‘H’.

Audio version:

Miu Miu (mew-mew)

Pro tip: when someone asks about your Mui Mui purse, manage to mimic a laser’s sound - but in style.

 Audio version:

Salvatore Ferragamo (sal-vah-tor-re fer-ra-gah-moh)

The easiest way to remember Salvatore Ferragamo is by reading it as it is, but best said with an Italian accent.

 Audio version:

Versace (vair-SAH-chay)

Surely you won’t forget how Versace sounds after you’ve heard Bruno Mars’ ‘Versace on the Floor’. It’s the perfect jam and a pronunciation guide all at once.

Audio version:

Yves Saint Laurent (eve san lau-ron)

Make French the easiest language to speak by saying Yves Saint Laurent the right way.

Audio version:

Know the Language

Never stop learning, especially when you’re a brand-conscious kind of girl. Know how to fluently pronounce luxury brands, so you can be confident to answer when someone asks about your purse.



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