The 2017 Guide to Sustainable Luxury

The 2017 Guide to Sustainable Luxury

Posted on December 21 2016

Can the Luxury Handbag Industry Be Sustainable?

When the world started learning about the massive amounts of leather and other raw materials the handbag industry consumes, luxury brands started to pay attention to sustainability

"How could fashion consider calling itself sustainable when it's all about consumption?" asks Eva Kruse, chief executive of the Danish Fashion Institute in Copenhagen. "But it can be sustainable if we concentrate on less impact on society and the environment," she adds. 

One way to promote sustainable luxury is to promote the responsible purchases of luxury handbags via pre-loved marketplaces. 

After all, a typical luxury handbag spends 99% of its life hidden away in a woman's closet, and is usually in pristine condition. 

Buying a brand new handbag leads to more demand pressure down the supply chain, which leads to the consumption of more raw materials that degrade the environment

Handbags depend on leather. And leather from cattle ranches consumes so much land and water. Leather tanning uses heavy metals like chromium, the waste of which is a health hazard. Finally, PVC, another component in bag-making, is an environmental contaminant. 

Second-hand luxury buying helps support sustainable luxury. Bags you no longer use or hardly ever use can be sold or consigned.

The act of re-using bags not only enables us to feel good about getting more closet space but keeps money in the local economy and cuts down on manufacturing demands. We call this a sustainable luxury lifecycle: the more bags we can keep circulating in women's hands, the less raw materials and contaminants will be consumed by the supply chain.

If jewelry can be passed down from generation to generation, why not the most intricately made and manufactured bags? 

Here's a quick rundown of some pre-loved bags in pristine condition that can help support sustainable luxury.

The Hermès Birkin 35 Iris

Clemence leather Hermès Birkin 35 with dual rolled top handles, contrast stitching throughout, in excellent condition, is definitely a statement piece for Hermès lovers. Hermès is no stranger to controversy when it comes to its leather, so purchasing a pre-loved piece is a good move. 

Givenchy Antigona Small Leather & Velvet Damask Satchel

A tonal floral motif of plush velvet lends luxe softness to the clean, structured lines of Givenchy's iconic Antigona – a must have for all Givenchy fans. In addition to leather, this bag also uses velvet, which further complicates a bag's supply chain. 

Chanel Boy Medium plus Red 

Red swift leather: a colour that is just perfect to go with that holiday dress. Bags often use different kinds of chemicals for color - and red is a common one. Using this pre-loved statement piece from Givenchy helps reduce the use of harmful contaminants. 

Valentino Garavani sling clutch with large studs tote in blue

This Sling Clutch with Large Studs is perfect for you to run from your daily errands to that holiday party.  It's a great fashion piece that will stand the test of time due to its durability. 

Balenciaga Envelope Clutch

This stylish clutch will effortlessly bring a hint of luxury to that modest outfit. This bag has always been a great buy as Balenciaga has always been known for its bags' sturdiness, which can last a lot longer than others.

Celine Trio Blue

Definitely a lust-worthy bag, great for running errands or a night out. A bag that can be used for any setting. 

Goyard Black Chevron Croisiere 35 Satchel Bag

A great mix of Luxury and casual sophistication create this highly sought after and rare bag. Another reason we love this bag is it's made of coated canvas which requires less chemicals for cleaning or repairs. 

Gucci Canvas Gold D-Ring Hobo Bag Small

An exquisite handbag in a close to brand new condition that has a beautifully draped style and that gives that casual, younger sophisticated look.  A good choice for those who aren't a great fan of too much leather, this bag is made up mostly of fabric which uses less elements in production. 

Louis Vuitton Epi Rouge Riviera Hand Bag – Red

A very ladylike handbag, which will add effortless sophistication to any look.The process of creating Epi Leather consists of printing an intensely dyed leather before applying a special coloration on the surface of the grain. Purchasing one that has been created already in excellent condition will help lessen the process of creating a new piece.

Prada BR5116 Tessuto Nylon Tote

With its chic silhouette, this effortlessly stylish tote rendered in Tessuto Nylon is spacious without weighing you down. The elegant design has great versatility - perfect for that next big meeting. A Nylon Prada bag is almost always a great pick as it's one bag you won't need to replace right away. It has great resiliency which makes it the perfect everyday bag, and cuts down on the production of new bags. 

Buying Reloved doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get the best of the best; it’s just about sustainable luxury and finding the perfect bag for you.

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