Pro Tips to Take Care of Your Bags This Summer

Pro Tips to Take Care of Your Bags This Summer

Posted on March 01 2018

by Gretzel H. Lantican

Summer is here! Everyone’s making a playlist, drinking fruit-infused water, and planning a weekend getaway as the heat goes on. Then there you are, enjoying casual Fridays in a sleeveless top and flowy pants with an adorable bag.

Designer bags are the sizzle of the season. They’re the extension of a woman’s wardrobe. However, the weather has gone mad, so you should know how to take care of your best-loved bag while under the sun.

Pro Tips for Summer Bag Owners

Never let your designer bag touch the floor.

You bought a high-end bag to satisfy your fashion needs and, of course, to complete your trendsetting look, so never ever let your designer bag touch the ground. The floor is too dirty for your precious accessory.

Save your worries by placing the bag on your lap, on the back of your chair, or on your neighboring seat. If you’re bothered by it, then get a handbag table hook. Now problem is solved!

Store it with a cover or inside support, and place silica gel inside it.

There’s a reason luxury brands include dustbags when you buy brand new purses. It’s for storage, dust off, and bag support. Silica gel packets are also included inside the bag to absorb moisture and keep things dry, so it could prolong the bag’s usage despite the tropical weather.

Prevent storing your designer bag in plastic and vinyl.

Whoever stores their purses inside a plastic bag is doing it wrong. Since plastics and vinyls are moisture resistant, there’s no room for your bag to breathe. Give it some air by storing it the proper way with dustbags.

Clean it using leather wipes.

Cleaning and restoring your bags takes a lot of work, because its extravagant price requires you to maintain its $2,000 look. Instead, use a cloth damped in water and a pack of leather wipes. It’s a cheaper alternative than the pricey services of a bag spa.

Hold your purses with clean hands.

You know what they say, clean your hands first before eating, and for fashionistas, it’s before holding a designer bag. You wouldn’t want oil, dirt, and grime to leave stains all over that luxurious bag.

Avoid overcleaning it.

Remember, not all bags are created equally, so never clean your Chanel the same way you did with your Gucci. Each designer label has its own cleaning process and cleaning product, so know before it’s too late. Suede carry-ons need brush and eraser, while leather handbags need on-the-go leather wipes.

As Your Valuable Possession

Summer is only fun when you know you’ve got a desirable bag to flaunt it with, because the feeling of carrying under the weather is too much to handle. Your designer bag is the only thing that deserves to sizzle and not the season.

Follow Reloved’s pro tips on taking care of your suede, leather, and canvas handbags. They’re some of your most prized possessions that you wouldn’t want to ruin. They’re to be treasured and not to be put to waste.


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