On Wednesdays, We Carry Pink!

On Wednesdays, We Carry Pink!

Posted on July 16 2018

by Gretzel Lantican



Regina George may not want to make fetch happen, but she started a trend when she and her crew of Plastics claimed, “On Wednesdays, we (ladies) wear pink”. Like a revolution, this line influenced the world, distinctively in fashion.

The manipulative Queen Bee adores pink, because her clique can don finesse and sophistication while they display glam and femininity in the delicate color. These traits outline Reloved’s designer bags in tones of pink.

Reloved, the marketplace of curated, best-loved luxury brands in the country, believes that a woman doesn’t need to wear an all-pink outfit to join the bandwagon. A designer handbag is enough to finish a sweet look (every Wednesday, that is).

In our collection, the bags come in three main shades of pink, namely pastel, coral, and hot pink. Each range of shades is designed for different types of women.

Dreamy Pastels


Light-toned carry-ons remind us of the refreshing vibe of spring. From shoulder bags to chained purses, Reloved has got neutral-colored accessories to easily incorporate to your day to night wardrobe.

Radiant Coral

In most cases, the playful, bright shade of coral makes a statement. This soft shade has an orange tone that’s fit for color-blocking. As a plus, Reloved’s version of coral handbags are versatile enough to complement any two-toned outfits.

Hot Pink

The popping shade of hot pink is a challenging yet savvy color that only the most daring can garb. Some trendsetters see it as a universally flattering color, and that’s what we at Reloved enjoy seeing on any outfit. Thus, we’ve got these favored carryalls for your evening ventures.


Deck yourself in the most feminine shade. The so-called pink aura represents love and compassion when worn, and women who do are fine ladies who channel their a tender and affectionate side.

Turn heads and make Regina George proud by getting one of our lovely designer pieces in pink. Grab one on reloved.com.ph today!