Meet Daniel Lee, the Appointed Creative Director of Bottega Veneta

Meet Daniel Lee, the Appointed Creative Director of Bottega Veneta

Posted on August 01 2018

by Gretzel Lantican


“When one door closes, another one opens.” After 17 years, German designer Tomas Maier stepped down as the Creative Director of Bottega Veneta. The appointed Daniel Lee started in July 1, 2018. From now on, he will represent the timeless elegance and functionality of one of the largest designer brands in the world.


Work History

The 32-year-old British designer is a Central Saint Martins alumnus. Before holding a new position at Bottega Veneta, he landed jobs at some of the highest fashion labels in the world: Maison Margiela, a Parisian label offering Haute Couture, Balenciaga, a coveted brand selling minimalist chic bags, and Celine, a famous brand promoting ready-to-wear designer purses.


Offers to the Table

In 2012, Bottega Veneta was the second-largest luxury brand next to Gucci. However, the brand’s sales started dropping in 2015, and later continued in 2017.

The CEO of the luxury brand, Claus Dietrich Lahrs, sees Lee as the right fit for the position, because he has a deep understanding of the brand’s current challenges. In his own words, “Lee will bring a new and distinctive creative language that will build Bottega Veneta’s success in the future”.

A founder of a consulting firm also believed that “he is a talented designer, but it won’t be an easy journey for him. Bottega Veneta is huge, yet many brands have their own way of catalysing”.

With his outstanding experience in the field, Daniel Lee has an inspiring vision that made him the new Creative Director of the brand. His innovative and passionate mind will bring a new chapter in the house. As the Chairman and CEO of Kering Francois-Henri Pinault said, “he has great rigour and absolute passion that truly shapes the brand’s sophistication”.


Bottega Veneta begins a new legacy in the fashion industry. With the artistic vision of its new Creative Director, Daniel Lee, fresh leather goods, refreshing designs, and successful recreation truly awaits.

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