It's Time to Reward Your Multitasking Mom!

It's Time to Reward Your Multitasking Mom!

Posted on April 27 2017

If there is one person in the world who hasn't been paid well in a lifetime,
that would be your mom.

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Since the time she carried you in her womb (carrying a baby 'in' you for 9 months is not a joke); bathe you with water, food, love and care; took multiple jobs so you could finish your studies; and even now that you are already an independent individual, you sometimes call her when you need advice on career, love, and life in general - your mom, to say the least, is your soul best friend.

She deserves all the goodness in the world, and yet she is often frowned upon for being too nosy when she wants to know where you are going, or getting shouted at after she told you that what you're doing with your life is wrong - but as your mother, her universal job is to nurture you and keep you safe.

If you aren't taking a good care of yourself after she protected you for years, can you imagine how she worries every time you go out of the house to meet your friends? When was the last time you told her you love her?

What are you giving her for Mother's Day? It may be a simple letter, a dress, or a bag that she'll be able to use daily. But, don't forget to give her the BEST for she deserves every bit of it.