Impressive-looking Bags for Your Next Big Meeting

Impressive-looking Bags for Your Next Big Meeting

Posted on March 08 2018

by Gretzel H. Lantican


When there’s a big meeting coming up, you don’t need to prepare a big list. Just an impressive-looking bag is all you need, and you’re already set.

Make sure to get a power bag. It’s the ultimate confidence-boosting carry-on you can take to an extensive rendezvous. They may differ in size and design, but these power bags have got the same structure, compartment, and exterior you need to survive.

For the Big Meeting

(from left to right) Givenchy Antigona, YSL Sac de Jour Mini, Balenciaga City, Prada Saffiano Tote, and Hermes Kelly

Project your authority with a designer bag. It must have enough space for your laptop, gadgets, and documents. It must also contain external compartments fit for the wires and chargers needed for your presentation.

A work bag should also have an adjustable shoulder strap with easy handle. This is an important feature, because you’ll be carrying heavy requirements for the meeting. A shoulder strap makes things less troublesome on the way to the conference room.

For your next big meeting, dress like a professional. Inspire in a business attire with the right bag. Let it be your powerful accessory inspire your audience, be they clients or CEOs.  Prove yourself by showing that you’ve got what it takes to influence them with your overflowing ideas - but not with an overflowing bag.