Iconic Bags of the World’s Influential Women

Iconic Bags of the World’s Influential Women

Posted on March 12 2018

by Gretzel H. Lantican



Have you ever wondered what bags influencers use in their daily lives? What kind of purse does Oprah Winfrey usually carry? Did Michelle Obama bring her best-loved handbag with her at all time? Is what you heard about Victoria Beckham’s go to bag true?

So many questions, yet there’s only one answer. Find out now.

Carry-ons of Inspiring Women

Every woman slays her goals the right way, because she’s entitled to her own power. She uses her strength and ideas to influence and uplift other women like the ones we know today.

The designer bag of her choice perfectly fits her strong and independent personality while she makes an impact to society.

Oprah Winfrey

Who doesn’t know the inspiring, generous and esteemed billionaire Oprah Winfrey? There’s no doubt she embodies the American dream for being the voice of women around the world. CNN even named her the ‘Most Influential Woman in the World’.

You know her secret to success? It’s her favored Mulberry tote. While she continues being an inspiration to people, she globally carries the timeless minimalist carry-on.

Michelle Obama

Being married to the 44th President of the United States, former first lady Michelle Obama never stops being a motivator of change. This lawyer, writer, and mother still has time to advocate health, human and civil rights, and empowers women everywhere despite having a busy schedule.

Her key to keeping life balanced is a designer bag that holds everything she needs. Even though she isn’t known for owning a specific brand, during her final tour as first lady, she was seen carrying a signature Givenchy bag. She amazingly ended her voyage in style and statement.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is another inspiring mom. She’s able to multitask her career as an actress, businesswoman, dancer, fashion designer, model, and singer-songwriter, while being a loving and responsible parent.

Despite all her responsibilities, this multifaceted artist keeps a closet full of Birkins, another thing she can manage. It just proves how she can truly be an inspiration to all mothers.

Queen Elizabeth II

The longest-reigning British monarch is Queen Elizabeth II. The queen is a patron of 25 organizations, yet she’s still got time to be fashionable.

The majesty recently revealed her iconic Launer London. It’s an understated accessory she’s fond of bringing to charities and gatherings.

Game Changers

Iconic women are game-changers who transform the world into a better place. Stepping into power makes them inspiring and influential, even in the way they carry a designer bag. Aside from investing on their own nation, family, or advocacy, they’re also venturing on the right bag, because a designer bag represents their personality: esteemed, multifaceted and forever classy.



Image source: Google