How does Fendi Make it Trendy?

How does Fendi Make it Trendy?

Posted on August 15 2018

by Gretzel Lantican

At Fendi, clothes are subtle and elegant while bags are vivid and artistic. As The Cut for New York Magazine stated, “This fashion label is globally known for unabashed extravagance”.

Since 1925, Fendi has been known as a designer brand for womenswear, menswear, and leather goods. One of the most desired high fashion labels in the world, along with Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent, it has mastered the art of creating a statement.

Celebrating 9 decades in the industry, Fendi has found its designer inspiration across generations. Most of its styles venture on Italian aesthetics commonly in the forms of unique patterns, grand quality, and creative texture.

Fendi’s handbag designs are undeniably impeccable and unforgettable; they have created a mark in the history of fashion. Consumers adore them, the baguette and the double F logo purse. These trends were released over years ago, but they still remain the iconic styles of the brand.  

Throughout the years, Fendi’s experience proved that it’s a luxury brand designed to allure the elites by producing timeless pieces. It is always on top of the bag game. It never fails to authenticate its reputation as one of the most coveted it bags, offering the trendiest purses in town.