Here’s Why Chanel Flap Bags Remain Iconic

Here’s Why Chanel Flap Bags Remain Iconic

Posted on May 08 2018

by Gretzel H. Lantican


Did you know that the luxury brand Chanel was the first to create a flap bag? It was in the 19th century that the iconic purse had its moment, and life for bag lovers just hasn’t been the same since.

Throughout the years, the Chanel flap bag is still recognized as one of the most well-loved designer handbags in the world, all thanks to the exceptional quality of its quilted leather-made handbags.

The Classic Flap

Series of Chanel flap bags on Reloved

Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel is the genius behind the classic flap bag that’s now known as a luxury design in the fashion scene. The bag is adored by many people even up to this time, but how come this accessory still remain trendy among other luxury bags in the market today?

Chanel revealed that aside from elegance and worthiness, there’s more to love with the iconic flap bag.   

The designed bag was produced to show convenience and style.

With Chanel flap bag, every woman has a personal style and choice. The bag has got variation of styles from extra mini to maxi and different designs from round to rectangle.

Aside from style, there’s also convenience in using the flap bag. From its handle to body, the flap bag was completely designed so that every woman could easily bring the purse everywhere she goes. It’s like a 3-in-1 accessory where she could put her essentials (including phone, cards, brush, lipstick, foundation, tissue, money, and keys) in the purse while carrying it with grace and beauty.

It is the ultimate game-changer in the fashion scene.

There’s no better selection of quilted black leathers than Chanel’s flap bags. Since the designer label uses the highest and softest quality leather skin materials, this made the bag incomparable and unattainable.

Nothing could compare to the elegant black purse that comes with either silver- or gold-toned hardware. It’s handle features a single, signature chain interlaced with tonal leather that matches the exterior of the bag.

Since it’s beautifully made, flap bags became the inspiration of many designer labels, and the extravagant accessory has been the biggest game changer in fashion history.

The flap bag is worth investing in.

With its excellently crafted interwoven leather, you’ll know that the flap bag will last forever. The handbag’s lavish style and exceptional durability is just impressive. This makes its price quite reasonable, because you really get what you pay for.

Aside from that, the bag’s value increases over time, so you may consider consigning it only when necessary.

Get it While You Can

Chanel flap bag is the designer accessory to be content about, because it has all the things you needsimplicity, elegance, and luxury.

The timeless allure and exceptional quality a designer purse displays is incomparable. With this piece, there’s no other bag you could carry. This accessory suits you well, so why not choose this kind of luxury?