Here are 5 Facts You didn’t Know About Gucci

Here are 5 Facts You didn’t Know About Gucci

Posted on June 27 2018

by Gretzel Lantican


Innovative, artistic, and timelessthese traits describe Gucci's modern approach to fashion. Most women who carry the designer brand focus more on the label’s stunning pieces than its grand history, but this history is something to be known, since it provides deeper understanding and appreciation of the brand at present.

After all, the world's most beloved luxury bag has a good story to tell. This is why now’s a good time to get historical with Gucci.

The Chronicles of Gucci

1. The founder of the luxury brand, Guccio Gucci, is the son of a leather maker. Much like his father, Gucci worked his whole life crafting leather suitcases and accessories, an experience that inspired him to start the desired label.

2. Everyone’s familiar with Gucci as the iconic brand that sells leather luggage and accessories, yet the earliest model of the label was actually a bamboo bag. That bag product became so popular that it’s still recognized today.

During the ‘40s, the era of fascist dictatorship, leather was scarce. Instead of using this resource material, he settled with linen and burnished cane for the creation of bamboo bags. He also used waterproof canvas and satin for evening purses and snaffle-bit hardware for shoulder bags.

3. The iconic fashion designer usually gets his main ideas from horseback riding, a popular pastime that’s still a hobby for many today. He uses hardware resembling horsebit and stirrups to design purses.

4. At the age of 40, Gucci proved that success is not a competition. With hard work and dedication, triumph will come in its own time.

5. In 2011, Museo Gucci was built in Florence. The 1,700 sq.m. museum displays staple pieces from the designer brand. The gallery also offers coffee and books in its Gucci-Cafe and displays the latest bags, accessories, and jewelries of Gucci in its Icon Store.


    Be Familiar

    Guccio Gucci created a beautiful history that’s definitely something to be talked about. It’s not enough to know his name, for his story deserves to be heard. He will always be known as the founder of today’s most coveted designer brand, Gucci.

    Carrying one of the world’s most desired luxury brands is something to be delighted  about, but knowing its full history is something to be proud of.