Fashion Update: Balenciaga Goes Streetwear Ready

Fashion Update: Balenciaga Goes Streetwear Ready

Posted on September 12 2018

Modern and glamorous best describes Balenciaga’s newest collection. The series went beyond the brand’s signature minimalist designs. It has now become an innovative brand that provides every woman’s favorite streetwear-ready accessory.

However, classic Balenciaga lovers need not to worry. They could still expect a style that’s well-loved and charming from the brand. Distressed and motorcycle leathers are still the label’s forte!


Aside from its white graffiti print, the satchel bag has tassel pull zippers and whipstitching handles for an added distinct style.


The famous Kendall Jenner has a multicolored Classic City Graffiti, and you can’t blame her for adoring its black naturally-creased lamb leather.


The Classic City is not too bold and not too simple. It is just the ideal on-the-go pursemodern and versatile.


Balenciaga’s flap bags are a game changer, for they’re more than the evening purse we know and love. This version features a black and white graffiti print calfskin leather bag with a silver chain strap.

Going beyond the trend, Balenciaga remains constant with exquisite techniques and masterful cuts for the new collection. Indeed, the luxury label continues braving a never before seen path to create a difference in the fashion scene.