Confessions of a Louis Vuitton Lover

Confessions of a Louis Vuitton Lover

Posted on May 30 2018

by Gretzel Lantican


I’ll be the first to say it, I’m a Louis Vuitton enthusiast. I know it’s an expensive hobby, but it’s a good one. It’s a kind of addiction that’s beautiful and functional at the same time.


I’ve decided to invest in a luxury piece that’s  affordable among its competitors, fitting to my on-the-go lifestyle, and fashion-forward. This year, I’d say I’ve made the right choice by investing in Louis Vuitton purses. I consider them investments because the designer bags’ value is retained and even appreciates over time.


The fashion label had me at first sight. I remember that when I had my first LV bag, the monogram speedy, I was mesmerized. There was an elegance and convenience to it that captivated my heart, especially when it came just right with inner pockets for my cosmetics. I mean, I could travel the town in style, still looking fab with this bag.

For my second LV, I got the Epi Soufflot. I chose the hot red piece, because I believe it’s my color. It represents so much of my fierceness and strong personality as a woman.

Another thing I really love about this luxury bag is the way I feel confident when carrying it, because its vibrant color stands out in the crowd. Plus, it has so much versatility and quality, which is why it’s super ideal for my active lifestyle.

Finally, my latest obsession is the Monogram Neverfull MM 2. Among other LV bags I’ve got, the stylish and gorgeous design of this accessory has caught my attention. This includes its handy features, easy-to-use leather strap handles, and polished leather design as well.

With these three designer purses, I’m obviously in a relationship with Louis Vuitton. If the world just can’t get enough of this luxury, then neither can I. I’m gearing up for more bag investments like these in the future, because in addition to being great buys, they complete my style with their grace and flair.