Can’t find the blind stamp in your new Hermes bag? Don’t Panic!

Can’t find the blind stamp in your new Hermes bag? Don’t Panic!

Posted on August 25 2016


Whether it’s your first Hermes bag or you’ve had several, it’s important to know whether or not your bag is authentic especially when you’ve made the purchase outside of the store.

 One of the common identifiers of an authentic Hermes bag is its blind stamp. While it may seem like a jargon of letters and numbers, the blind stamp can reveal the year of production, details about the craftsman behind your bag, and at times the type of skin or material of your bag - depending on how exotic it is.  

This year, however, the well-loved brand has decided to move the location of the stamp to a more secluded place in the bag. It’s a wise move considering that the new method of identification would be more useful in identifying the craftsman’s detail rather than as a way to check its authenticity.

We were told that this change applies to bags produced in 2016. The stamp now looks like a plate with three letters and three numbers plus the letter X or T, which indicates that the bag was produced this year.

There is no confirmation on the exact location of the stamp on the new Hermes bags but don’t be alarmed when you can’t find your stamp from its previous location.


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