Bag Authentication Guide: Spotting a Fake Chanel

Bag Authentication Guide: Spotting a Fake Chanel

Posted on March 26 2018

by Gretzel H. Lantican



Let’s authenticate one of the most expensive brands of designer bags in the fashion market, Chanel.

Chanel History

Back in the 80s, a Chanel bag’s authenticity came with a serial number embossed on a sticker protected by clear tape with hologram security. These serial numbers didn’t go beyond 9 digits.

Today, serial number stickers are detached from Chanel purses. Their authentication cards are often lost as well. There’s a possibility that you may encounter these things especially if the Chanel you bought is through an online shop.

To help you authenticate the designer purse, here’s a Chanel information guide. Girl, you deserve an original.

The Authentication Guide

The seller may not offer an authentication card and a serial number sticker, but at least you know how to spot a real Chanel over a replica.

‘CC’ Lock Logo

A comparison between replica (left) and original Chanel (right)

Since Chanel’s ‘CC’ lock logo is the most iconic style of the designer label, it should be the first thing to look at. Its right ‘C’ logo must always overlap on top of the left ‘C’, while the left ‘C’ logo must always extend along the bottom of the right ‘C’.

You would also notice that an original Chanel would have a flat edge finish of the ‘CC’ logo embossed with ‘Chanel’ on the left ‘C’ and ‘Paris’ on the right ‘C


When it comes to real Chanel leather, its texture is distinguishable over the fake version. Its pebbled caviar is embossed compared to a replica’s flat and smooth leather.


A replica - unmatched pattern placement (up) original - consistent diamond pattern (down)

There should be a consistent diamond pattern when you close the flap and back pocket of an original Chanel bag. Obviously, a replica is the other way around.


24k plated hardware (left) silver plated (right)

Another trademark of the real flap bag is the chains. They’re more substantial and heavier, because of their 24k gold-plated hardware, while the replica is undeniably silver plated.

However, most class-A Chanels have gold-plated chains, so be keen with it. An authentic one is dense enough for a 24k plated chain.  


Allen screws (left) Phillips screws (right)

Replicas come in small details. Fake versions use Phillips screws, while real ones use Allen screws or flathead nails.

Zipper Pulls

Original Chanel zipper (left) fake Chanel zipper (right)

When it comes to zipper pulls, the authentic Chanel purse commonly has its designer label engraved on Lampo, EP, and YKK brands.

‘Made In’ Stamp

Readable bag label (left) blurry logo (right)

If you look inside a real Chanel carry-on, you’ll notice a clean and sharp “Made in Paris” or “Made in Italy” stamp. If the carryall has blurry logo and uneven font spacing, then it’s undoubtedly a replica.

Duster Bag

Printed in white and bold letters (left) thinly written in grey color (right)

Among the features of a Chanel bag, never miss its duster bag. You’d easily spot a replica when it’s thinly written in grey color, while the original duster bag is printed in white and bold letters.


There’s nothing wrong about being too discreet when looking for a Chanel purse, because it’s not easy to buy one of the most luxurious designer labels. It may take some time for some women, yet it’ll be easy for someone like you. That’s why you need to know more in order to guarantee its physical authenticity. Sometimes the originality comes in the smallest details.  



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