All You Need This Summer is a Louis Vuitton Bag

All You Need This Summer is a Louis Vuitton Bag

Posted on May 15 2018

by Gretzel Lantican



There’s a new way to beat the summer heat. It’s not by going to the beach or by chilling with a drink. This season, the new mode entails relaxing with a designer bag.

The ultimate summer bag shouldn’t be missed during your well-deserved getaway. This is why you need to invest in a designer bag today.

Why Choose LV?

Not to state the obvious, but LV makes an excellent summer bag. The brand has endless options of styles ideal for the season. You’re definitely going to find a bag that matches your own uniqueness

For your two-week escapade, choose an LV bag that’s lightweight, easy to clean, roomy, and (of course) a beauty. Take the Damier Papillon with you. The trimmed leather and brown checkered style of the bag keeps a classic statement from your day to night events.

Louis Vuitton Damier Papillon 26 

If a walk in the park is your favorite summer activity, you’ll find your match in the Epi Jasmin handbag. Its brass hardware and sunny color blend well with nature. With this purse, there’s no doubt your style will stand out from the crowd.

Loius Vuitton Epi Jasmin - Yellow

Strolling by the beach can now be made even more enjoyable with the tropical style of the Bucket PM. The tangerine color, spacious interior, and sophisticated design of this LV bucket bag are the ideal partner to a sunny afternoon by the shore.

Louis Vuitton Bucket PM - Tangerine 

In LV We Trust

When it comes to designer bags, get over with the plain bags. Stay with the classic purses. In this case, choose only LV. The designer handbag has got every woman’s attention among the many bags around today, thanks to its exemplary beauty, undeniable class, and affordable price.

The stylish and compact LV has already ruled the season, so end the hunt for your best summer piece. The modern luxury is now your ideal tropical accessory!