5 Louis Vuitton Bags That Are Essential For Your Next Holiday Getaway

5 Louis Vuitton Bags That Are Essential For Your Next Holiday Getaway

Posted on November 23 2017

by Gretzel H. Lantican


Going out of town for the holidays? No problem! File a leave. Book a flight. Pack lightly, but never go out of style.

It’s always fun to wander around a new place in a pretty dress, but make things even more fab by pairing it with a Louis Vuitton bag. Pose for an OOTD with this signature accessory, and you’ll be sure to turn heads on the street and on your Instagram feed!

Traveling with LV

Let’s admit it - LV bags are so classy that they can be used in almost every occasion. Here’s a list of LV bags that you might want to match with your outfit on your next adventure.

A Soufflot or a Papillon bag

Whether you’re planning a staycation at a fancy hotel or just a night out with friends, the Epi Soufflot bag or the Papillon bag is perfect for you. These beautiful handbags are designed specifically for you to stand out at any time of the day.



The iconic canvas bag

For a career woman who still wants to be a stylish traveler for the upcoming holidays, you can try this iconic Louis Vuitton canvas bag. It’s the ideal companion for every traveling woman, and it holds all the essentials you just can’t leave behind.


A Damier bag

You know what they say when traveling? Always pack light, but with style. This Damier canvas bag is perfect to bring to your next visit with the relatives. Its big storage can hold up to one week’s worth of your get-ups. Plus, its water-resistant feature can secure your belongings even on a rainy day.


The essential Monogram wallet

You know the most essential bag when traveling? Your wallet. It contains all your IDs, cards, and cash. The LV Monogram wallet doesn’t just hold your valuables. It also provides organization, durability, and elegance, making it even more essential when you’re out of town.