5 Designer Bags To  Distract Your Tita From Her Prying Questions During A  Holiday Gathering

5 Designer Bags To Distract Your Tita From Her Prying Questions During A Holiday Gathering

Posted on November 22 2017

by Gretzel H. Lantican


Tis’ the season of family gatherings, the time of being reunited with the relatives after a long time. It's fun talking with them until they started to ask awkward questions. To save you from their invasive and often downright humiliating questions, posing a distraction would be the perfect solution.

To distract relatives (especially meddling Titas) from prying questions, you should definitely focus on creating a bold statement. How, you ask? By bringing a killer bag to the party!

Carrying a Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, or Givenchy bag is the perfect bold statement. This would definitely divert all eyes and attention off of you and on to your luxury bag.

Louis Vuitton
When your Tita asks, Iha, how’s your lovelife?, and you find it so awkward to answer, instead respond by displaying your new Louis Vuitton bag. LV is the perfect working girl’s luxury bag and we’re pretty sure your Tita has a few of them.

Divert all conversation to how your Damier bag is so functional and timeless, and she’ll forget her line of questioning in no time.

When your Tita says Iha, tumataba ka ha! and notices that you gained weight (even after months of doing yoga), you should respond by saying that you’ve devoted all your time to your career, and it was worth it because you have a gorgeous Gucci Monogram satchel strapped to your arm.

Much like a Louis Vuitton bag, Gucci bags are perfect for the working girl, although Gucci has the upper hand by also doubling as a club bag.


When your Tita asks, Iha, when will you get married? and you find it so weird to answer because you don’t even have a boyfriend to begin with! Tell her that work is your priority for now, while you show her your newly bought Balenciaga Mini City bag the fruit of your labor.

This timeless beauty of a bag can brought to any occasion, just like other luxury bags, but the difference is it suits a career woman’s lifestyle in the city.

Kate Spade
When your Tita asks the most unwanted question of all timeIha, kelan ka g-graduate?, and you don’t have a good response, because you don’t know when, make sure to brag about your new Kate Spade Hobo bag. Mention that you were able to save money from your allowance.

For sure, your Tita will be amazed at how you managed to save money everyday, and she’ll focus on your new Kate Spade bag that matches a young and sophisticated woman like you.

Hobo Bag (Black) - ₱7,220.00


When your Tita comments, Iha, uuwi ka pa. Wag ka masyadong uminom!, the most savage response is by saying you’re a big girl now and you can handle your alcohol intake whenever, wherever.

Plus, mention your ravishing Givenchy bag. If you were able to buy one expensive bag, you’re sure to handle any situation like that. Givenchy bags are for working girls who have eyes for French-accented beauty.