5 Bags to Brighten up your day!

5 Bags to Brighten up your day!

Posted on July 28 2017

Every woman needs a functional and stylish bag even during rainy days, no weather pattern should ever compromise the practicality and comfortability a woman has with her all day partner- her bag.

Meet the Louis Vuitton Mono Canvas Speedy 25

This leather handbag is a simple, sleek, and stylish bag for all seasons. It’s a classic example of a staple bag every woman should invest in, created by the legendary Louis Vuitton- it’s hard to go wrong with a bag as versatile and easy to carry like this. Especially on rainy days, it’s important to keep it light and handy with the essentials, the material is easy to clean when wet-just wipe it off and it’s like rain never happened unlike with canvas bags that soak up rain as easily as it drops.

(Photo Source: pinterest.com)

Swoon over the Mini Alexa Shrunken Calf Satchel in Poppy Red

An adorable satchel bag that’ll add a pop of color to your outfit that’ll make anyone’s day brighter and look more vibrant in everyone’s eyes. Mulberry is famous for creating beautiful leather products that embodies its individual, charming , practical, and idiosyncratic nature. Absolutely gorgeous and practical to fit all your necessities in it’s spacious and sturdy design.

 (Photo Source:unpoquitodecurry.blogspot.com)

Shine with the Mirror Vernis Alma MM- Silver

The need for more space is a common problem, and it’s not a problem with this beautiful handbag that can store all your things with it’s durable and strong design. Louis Vuitton does it again by delivering a bag that is elegant and uniquely dazzling with its two open pockets and a zipper to glide the bag open and close making it easy to use and with no trouble of functionality at all.

(Photo Source: rebecca.blogspot.com)

Always in style is the Herbag XL Beige

Fabulously chic and sophisticated in any weather is this gorgeous creation from Hermes, a canvas and leather handbag that will draw the eye with it’s simple yet refined design. Be the fashion trendsetter that never goes out of style and keep people in awe with this stunning bag that’s a match made in heaven for artisanal quality and vintage exclusivity.

(Photo Source: therealdeal.com)

Everybody needs a Givenchy Backpack Nylon

Backpacks never go out of season and their perfect when you want to switch things up a bit. You’ll never have to worry about owning a bag just like everyone else with this unique unisex backpack from Givenchy, that’s such a stunner it can catch anyone’s attention from a mile away.

(Photo Source: lyst.com)
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