4 Tips to Prolong Your Leather Bag's Life

4 Tips to Prolong Your Leather Bag's Life

Posted on February 17 2017

The expensiveness of your bag and its high quality do not signify that you need not take care of it. In fact, its luxuriousness is reason enough to maintain it the most possible way because every designer bag is a lasting investment.

These leather maintenance tips will keep your bags looking as brand new as the first time you bought it. Share these with them girlfriends!

Keep it dust-free. Some luxury bags come with a dust bag. It is made from cotton and will keep your bag free from what else? Dust. If your bag doesn’t come with a dust bag, opt for a box where it fits in and keep it in a secure place away from getting squashed - you wouldn’t want it deformed!

Keep it dry and away from direct sunlight. Step away from direct sunlight and damp storage to protect your bag’s leather from getting wrinkled, dry and deteriorated. If something gets spilled in your bag, dry it with a cloth then air dry first before using it again. The best option is to waterproof your leather bag using a conditioning lotion so spillages wouldn’t have to be a bother.

Keep it in shape. Ensure your bag's original and firm shape with these moisture control pillows before properly storing them in your closet. The pillow/s will prevent your bag from deforming and will also maintain it odor-free.

Always moisturize. A must for every leather bag user: leather lotion. As you know, leathers become wrinkly and dry over time, so better take care of it early on by regularly moisturizing your bag with appropriate lotion. A leather lotion will keep your bag’s skin soft, shiny and supple.

Prioritize maintaining your leather bag to keep it looking like a brand new buy! Who knows, you might sell it in the future and if it's still good-looking, it'll be easier for you to sell it at a valuable price!

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Cover photo source: Style Files