4 Things to Remember Before Considering a Luxury Consignment

4 Things to Remember Before Considering a Luxury Consignment

Posted on April 18 2018

by Gretzel H. Lantican


Have you gone through a phase where you want to replace an old designer bag with a new one? You can’t be blamed for that. With all the modern and fashionable collections released by different designer labels nowadays, you can’t help but desire all of them.

It’s hard to part from your favored purse and make room for a new one. However, you’ve got to do it for your own benefit.. Free up some space and welcome more wonderful things in your wardrobe. If you want to resell your designer piece, there’s a perfect place for it, bag lovers.


Look no further when searching for a luxury consignment shop. At Reloved, the buy and sell platform of authentic, preloved designer bags, you’re guaranteed get nothing less than the best convenience and affordability.

First Things First

Before you consign with Reloved, you need to consider a few things.

Resale Price

Don’t make the common mistake of most bag lovers. They say that the original value of the bag has a bearing on its resale price, but it doesn’t. You shouldn’t have a set of unrealistic expectations regarding what your bag is worth, otherwise it might not acquire any second hand buyers fitting your standard.

Put aside your nostalgia and try to look at your bag from a shopper’s perspective. Ask yourself if you’re willing to buy a used purse at more than its market value. We’re pretty sure you wouldn’t.

Condition of the Handbag

Be reasonable. If you think your handbag is still in good condition, then place it in the market. No one wants a worn out bag even it it’s designer. At the end of the day, everyone deserves to get what they paid for.

Your potential buyer is worthy of your secondhand bag only if it’s dirt and damage free. If you don’t know how to clean it, then better go to a professional.

Disclose Necessary Damage

Sometimes even if there’s a bit of a stain you can’t wipe off a leather or suede bag, the bag can still be sellable. When you put it on the market, what you should do is disclose that information. Speak the truth on whether the damage is minimal or not, because your reputation and credibility are at stake.


You know what they say about timing, “it’s everything”. Know when it’s the season of suede or leather, of handbag or clutch, of Gucci or LV. Timing is significant, because it reveals when your purse would most likely be bought.

You can also rely on the rarity of your bag. Chances are the more limited your designer purse, the more desirable it is to the eyes of buyers.

The Luxury Consignment

If you’re the kind of woman who lives in the moment of buying bags and wake-up the next day regretting your action, then a luxury consignment is for you. However, you need to be reasonable when you resell a preloved designer bag, because every buyer wants to get what they paid for.

There are many ways to resell your designer purse but you should definitely consider Reloved as one of your best options. On Reloved, your preloved luxury bag is in good hands. Let it be bought easily, so you can avail a new purse in no time.