4 Stylish Ways to Tie Your Twillies

4 Stylish Ways to Tie Your Twillies

Posted on April 11 2018

by Gretzel H. Lantican



Are you tired of your plain, casual day bag? Do you want to buy a new one? Save it! Instead of replacing your old reliable, just give it a new twist with twillies.

A twilly is a one-of-a-kind accessory that gives a classic touch to your best-loved purse. It’s usually a colored print scarf made of silk or (insert other material here), decorated with many patterns, so it could be styled in various ways.

The accessory creates a contrasting effect to your handbag, adding a layer of quirky  design and personality to a plain tote. Twillies can give your bag the IT factor it needs. Even better, once you’ve added a twilly, you can accessorize further with charms, different straps, or more fun trinkets on your bag.

Stylish Twillies

There’s no need to spend a dime on replacing your bag, for here are stylish ways to give your purse a fresh makeover:

The Classic Wrap

Basically, the Classic Wrap only has two easy steps: knot and wrap. It’s a simple two-step process that adds elegance and sophistication to your get-up, automatically upgrading your plain tote into a stylish one.

The Classic Wrap with a Bow

Following the previous design is the exceptionally feminine Classic Wrap with a Bow. It adds a graceful layer to the traditional way of tying a twilly, wrapping the scarf around the bag’s handle then securing it with a ribbon twist.  

The Sophisticated Bow

Ribbons are commonly used as a symbol for awareness, but they can also be a great topper - just look at all the gifts you wrap; don’t they look empty without a bow? In the fashion scene, the Bow displays finesse, which is perfect when you’re opting for a chic semi-formal outfit, or want to add a girly touch to your look.

The Plain Twist

Sometimes simplicity is beauty, and that can be emphasized by a twilly wrapped around your bag’s strap. The Plain Twist gives your purse a fresh and clean look that complements any style.

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Get Your Twillies On

Anyone can buy a fancy bag, but not everyone has the creativity to turn a plain bag into an amazing one.. With twillies, this creativity comes effortlessly. Their loud color and bold designs are perfect to complement your purse. There’s no need for you to try other style hacks or replace your bag with a new one, for twillies make your tote stand out among the crowd full of bags.

Your handbag will never look the same again, for twillies will give them the unique twist they deserve.