4 Designer Bags Every Father Wants

4 Designer Bags Every Father Wants

Posted on June 19 2018

by Gretzel H. Lantican

Father’s Day might be over, but it’s never too late to  take a moment to appreciate the first man in your life, who’s also your ultimate hero and pillar of strength. There’s still time to give value to all his work. Since he’s someone special, get him a designer purse.

Our fathers are usually hard to shop for, because their style is very different from ours. However, there’s always a carryall that would suit their taste. Why not check out  Reloved’s versatile bags?

Since not all pops are born the same, we’ve created a list to showcase which bag is ideal for each father.

The Trendy Daddy

Faure Le Page - Messenger Saffiano Bag 

The sleek design of the Messenger Saffiano bag is no doubt a statement for your dad who may or may not be up to the current styles, but definitely has his own trend for others to follow.

This sturdy luxury piece is so easy to carry, even your trendy dad will love to bring it to work on any day. It has the finest interior, too, with zipped inner pockets for his papers and a huge space for his notebooks and laptop.

The Working Man

Coach - Signature Slim Briefcase 

Whether your father is working in an office, in a foreign country, on the road, or at a church, Reloved recommends the Signature Coach Slim Briefcase.

This coated canvas is so ideal for his dynamic lifestyle. With the bag’s quality fabric lining and multifunction pocket features, he can easily manage his business essentials. It’s perfect for all the important objects in his life and his career.

The Coffee-Loving Father

Gucci - GG Tote

The Gucci GG Tote is for your dear parent who always has a cup in hand. Nothing beats the style this leather-trimmed jacquard bag showcases when he goes to the coffee shop every morning.

The Globe-Trotting Paps

Givenchy - Nylon Backpack

For the dad who never goes too long without traveling, the Givenchy Backpack Nylon is just ideal. He’s obviously the type of man who wanders the world by driving, flying, or riding, either for business or leisure.

This designer piece may look like an ordinary bag, but it features much more than that. Found at the bottom of the bag is the famous Givenchy signage designed to its leather straps and ID holder. Then, the mini and inner zipper pockets were added just right for your father’s easy journey.

Give Him the Best

It’s time to give back to the world’s greatest dad. It’s not everyday that you get to show him how important he is, so give him something valuable and memorable even if it’s not Father’s Day.

Buy your pops a designer bag, because it’s the ultimate carry-on that fits his trendy, working, coffee-loving, or globe-trotting personality. Reloved’s multifunctional bags would strongly suit his fashion sense while being durable, useful and eye-catching as well!