3 Backpacking Ninja Tips For A 7 Day Trip!

3 Backpacking Ninja Tips For A 7 Day Trip!

Posted on May 12 2017

Packing light may be an impossible feat, but there's no harm in trying. As an adult, you are aware that eventually, you have to know how to do it right (yes, it's one of those adulting survival 101 tips). So, here's our 3 backpacking ninja tips for your 7 day trip. Read through and feel free to share your tips with us!

1. Keep Calm and Carry-On. It's the quote that can be reflected upon after going through a tough year in your life - or it could be just a personal reminder to pack light. If your stuff won't fit in your carry-on bag, eliminate the wants versus your needs. Eventually, you have to learn to let go of things you don't really need (yes, it's still one of those adulting survival tips!)

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2. Mix and Match. Choose the clothes with light fabric. How to know this? If you can feel the breeze coming through your clothing, it is definitely light. Also, you won't need to wear new pants every single day. Assuming you'll be traveling for a week, you can bring one jeans, one leggings, one shorts, and 5 light tops. Then, mix and match!

3. Roll it away. You've heard this a lot of times, so you assume that you know how to do it. Come the day to pack, you get lost inside the forestry that is your closet. Remember tip #1 before seriously teaching yourself how to do this: 

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