10 Backpacking Essentials You Need to Have

10 Backpacking Essentials You Need to Have

Posted on April 21 2017

Traveling during the summer season is ideal for amateur or expert travelers, especially if you love the sun!

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It's way easier and safer to go anywhere if it's not the rainy season, too. So, before you go on chasing sunsets, bring these essentials with you and pack light!

1. Passport (or any ID)

Whether you're flying international/domestic or you'll take a road trip to somewhere far-flung, never ever forget your passport or any ID that contains your full name and your contact before going anywhere in case of *knock on wood* any emergencies.

2. Tumbler

Prevent yourself from getting dehydrated by bringing your own water-filled tumbler. It's also a simple way to avoid using plastic bottles as a responsible traveler.

3. Umbrella

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You'll never know how the weather will be later or tomorrow. Even weather forecasts tend to make mistakes, so you better be ready.

4. Sunblock + Petroleum jelly

Choose the sunblock that has the highest SPF if you love the sun too much! You will also need the petroleum jelly for when your skin (esp. your lips and feet) dries due extreme temperatures.

5. Sarong

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The sarong is your friend. You can use it as a scarf for cold nights, or a blanket to lie on at the beach. You can also create a makeshift tent out of it!

6. Trek Slippers

Whether you're going on a hike or taking a dip in your favorite beach, prevent your feet from getting blisters with your trusty slippers - preferably the one for trekking for more friction and durability.

7. Mobile phone + Camera

Stay connected to your loved ones and share your moment watching that magnificent sunset in a photo/video!

8. Journal + Good Book

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Backpacking is the best time to retrospect. Journaling not only preserves the "feelings of the moment," it's also known to be therapeutic. Plus, in case you're done writing but wouldn't want to leave your comfy hammock, a good book will be good company.

9. First-aid Kit

Bring band-aids, gauze, cotton sheets/balls, compress, ointments for skin allergies, blisters, and itchiness, and medicine for dizziness, colds, and coughs. You will also need an alcohol (transfer it in a smaller bottle) to sterilize your hands and tools before touching the affected skin.

10. A sturdy backpack

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You will never be able to bring all of the above if you don't have a sturdy backpack! Space is not an issue if you know how to pack light (if not, just watch videos online that could teach you how).

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Safe travels!